Summer is always a crazy time. We’re back from our vacation and the list of things that need to be taken care of is long.  Rooms need to be painted, gardens need to be tended too, a trip to the fair/coast needs to happen, papers need to be filed, appointments need to be scheduled and attended  and some non-bead projects need to be completed.  Rest assured, I do have some bead  projects that I am working on, they just aren’t the highest priority at the the  moment. I’ll get them up as soon as I can.

We had a fabulous time on our trip or Florida. We fed and played with the dolphins at the Gulfarium, ate tons of awesome food, went boating, visited my family in Atlanta, played mini golf, enjoyed sno-cones and caught up with family and old friends. I also took some photos of a  pearl necklace I put together years ago for my mom, but I haven’t checked yet to see how the pictures came out. It was one of the earlier pieces that I did so I’m happy to finally have a photo of it.

The best part of the whole trip? Geek and I were on the same schedule. We try to get in as much time together as we can but sometimes it’s hard. He’s going to school, so even on his “off” nights, he’s in the office with his nose in a text book. Most of our time together is in the mornings before he goes to bed, so a whole two weeks, together, on the same schedule was just awesome.

Speaking of  Geek, he’s taken the summer off from school. Also, he took a Geek certification exam this morning and has promised not to start studying for the next one for at least two to three weeks. So, for at least the next two weeks I’ll be focusing on my family, my partner and all of the odds and ends that need to be tended to.

Anyone want to do a guest post? 🙂