Thank you everyone!

Thank you so much for pinning my photos on pinterest. It brings me great joy to know that others out there are enjoying the things that I make.


I’ve got a few things in the works at the moment. For starters, I’ll be moving the site to a new server sometime next week. For the last several years my ex-husband has been gracious enough to host it for me, but I think its time to take things out on my own. I’ve requested that the transfer happen during the night and I’ve been assured that the site shouldn’t be offline for more than half an hour.


Also, I’ve reacquired my holiday craft site. I’ve stripped it down to the bare bones so that I can start with a relatively clean slate. Interestingly, some of the holiday crafts on this site (like the button tree ornament) were originally written for the craft site. Once I get the relevant content moved over, I’ll be working on new stuff. My kitchen counter is currently brimming with paints, holiday paper, glitter and chocolate. (yumm!) So be sure to check out my other site  Crafts for Holidays sometime soon.