Beaded Snowflake Ornament #2

This Snowflake goes together pretty quickly. It only has two rounds. I used about 3ft of wire and I had plenty left over. I made this snowflake using 4mm Swarovski  beads and bugle beads.

img 40291 225x300 Beaded Snowflake Ornament #2

Snowflake Ornament #2

img 4026 225x300 Beaded Snowflake Ornament #2

Round one completed along with the first spoke.

Round One: String on 12 4mm beads. I chose swarovski crystal beads. I alternated 6 faceted rounds with 6 opaque bicone beads for a total of 12. Leave about a 3 inch tail. string the wire through the beads again and draw them together in to a circle. Take the tail and wrap it snugly around the wires between two beads and then clip off the excess.

You will be weaving in and out of every other bead. Whether or not it is the crystal round, or the bicone will depend on the order you strung them on, and where your wire is sitting. In my snowflake ornament, I weaved in and out of the crystal rounds.

Round two:  String on 1 bugle bead, 1 bicone, 1bugle bead,1 bicone, 1 bugle bead and 1 bicone bead.  There will be a total of 6 beads, three each of the bicones and the bugles in an alternating pattern. Then thread on one more bead. I used a round crystal bead.

img 4025 300x225 Beaded Snowflake Ornament #2

Double back

Take the wire and thread it back through the last bicone bead. Pull it gently to snug it up. String on 1 bugle bead, 1 bicone, 1 bugle bead, 1 bicone and then 1 bugle bead for a total of five beads. Thread the wire through the second bead in round one.

img 4028 225x300 Beaded Snowflake Ornament #2

Completed Spoke

You are going to repeat that pattern until you have six spokes on your snowflake. As you can see, when you initially string the spoke it is going to look a bit funky. Once you have completed your second (and in this case final) round you will need to go back and shape them so that they resemble petals.

img 4030 225x300 Beaded Snowflake Ornament #2

Finishing off your snowflake

There are several ways to finish off your snowflake ornament. Technically you can anchor your wire as soon as you bring it back to the center of your ornament. I like to make sure that mine is good and secure so I weave my wire back up through the beads until I get to the end of one of the spokes. In this ornament I simply made a loop with the wire and then wrapped the wire back around itself to secure. Then I trimmed it. The wire is thin and soft and I worry about now this will hold up. So, on following ornaments I made the loop, threaded the wire back through the last bead, and then wrapped the wire around between the last two beads. I think this is a much more secure way to finish off the ornament.

img 4029 225x300 Beaded Snowflake Ornament #2

All done!

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