I just have a moment so I thought I’d say a quick hello, and let you all know that I’ll be posting again soon.  I’ve been crazy busy. I spent a lot of my summer bouncing between Dr’s and physical therapists trying to get some joint troubles under control. I was also preoccupied with a child custody and child support issue that was finally settled down at the courthouse yesterday. I love to bead and make jewelry, but nothing in the world means as much to me as my children do. So my health and my children and have been my biggest priority.

I do have some other things that were pushed to the side that also need to be tended to, so it might be a few weeks before I am posting with any regularity. HOWEVER, many of you have emailed me about the beaded angel ornament as the link to the instructions are no longer working. So I will make it a priority to get some sort of instructions up for you over the weekend.

The leaves are starting to here.  Autumn and Spring are my favorite times of the year. In the Spring the ground is so full of life. The tender green shoots that appear in the beds fill me with hope as I wait to see which of my plants have made it through the winter. You’d think that Autumn would have the opposite effect, but I love the anticipation that comes with waiting for the leaves to hit their peak. The trees down the street turn the most beautiful shades of red and orange. When they do, the sun hits them just the right way and they light up as if they are on fire.  I love the process of the change. This year, it almost feels symbolic.

I closed another chapter in my life yesterday. There will still be visits. Pick ups and drop offs, and notifications of what’s going on, but the need to agree is gone. It’s as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. There’s not really anything to argue about anymore. I took the summer semester off from school to deal with legal matters and class resumes on Monday. I’m excited. My husband and I are taking a class together so that we can be lab partners. We’ve had such different schedules for so long. It’s going to feel like we’re dating again. Our youngest will be in some form of child care Monday through Friday, and that’s also a big change.

So. Lots going on. Angel ornament coming soon. 🙂