Beaded Wreath Ornaments

Beaded Wreath Ornaments are very easy to make. Just like the button wreath, for a simple ornament all you need to do is make a circle of beads.


img 4186 300x225 Beaded Wreath Ornaments

A simple beaded wreath ornament

This is my version of this beaded wreath ornament. I left the bow off. I like to keep crafty things simple.


img 3521 300x225 Beaded Wreath Ornaments

Jingle Bell Wreath

This wreath ornament is made out of 9mm  green jingle bells. I took the photo, and then I took off the bow.


img 3514 300x225 Beaded Wreath Ornaments

Thread the bells on to the wire

I used green wire to make this jingle bell wreath.  To start with you want to make a small loop in the end of the wire. Thread on the bells. Gently shape the wire into a circle. Take the end of the wire and run it through the loop that you made in the first step. Gently pull it snug. Bend the wire up and wrap a loop large enough to run a string through

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