Beads, Beads, Everywhere.

We’ve just been back from our second vacation for a few days and already my kitchen counter is overrun with beads, books and supplies.  My sister in law was here. I need to remake a pair of earrings that I gave to her. She’s been sleeping and showering in them so their demise was inevitable. We had fun going through supplies and picking out new colors though. I did need to order a few beads so that I can finish them off and I used that as an opportunity to buy beads for a few more projects as well.

I ordered the beads to make the Lucky Strike Earrings and a necklace out of Jean Campbell’s “Creating Glamorous Jewelry” book as well as some fine wire so that I can make a few more beaded rings. In the mean time.. I’m still working on the Audrey Hepburn earrings in Jean’s book. I’m not as “in” to the pattern as I thought I would be so I seem to be dragging my feet with it. I need to take pictures so that you can watch my progress. Dragging my feet is an ironic term to use as I tore my plantar fascia a few days before we took our last trip.  I’m hoping to be able to put my feet up tomorrow for a bit and then get some beading done.

We’ve been super busy. Last week we devoted 5 days to the Oregon Country Fair. Geek’s family participates in a booth so for us it’s a bit like going to a family reunion. It involves camping in the woods, and a super fine dust that just works it’s way in to every pore in your body. It’s dry and dusty and there are thousands up people walking around kicking it up on to everything. We took enough clothes for 6 days (for 5 people), plus sleeping bags and bed linens. Even the stuff that wasn’t worn needed to be washed and I finally got the last of it laundered and put away this morning. I can totally justify some “me” time.

The fair is pretty neat. Our particular camp site was close to Energy park. In the evening security goes through and “sweeps” out the day customers so that the only people on the grounds are the people working the event. The temperature drops, there is room to easily move about and it provides the perfect opportunity for visiting with friends. Energy park light’s up at night with what I am assuming are green laser lights in a polk-a-dot pattern. It’s pretty cool, especially when it hits the trees.  Our camp site sits directly under the trees and this year it was dry enough to leave the rain guard off the top of the tent. So, I got to fall asleep looking up through the open window of my tent at what looked liked thousands of green lightening bugs up in the trees. You’d think that the drum circle would have kept me awake but I found the rhythm of it to be quite soothing. In the mornings I awoke to the sound of birds chirping and women singing off in the distance. It was utterly relaxing. The only down side was that I tore my plantar fascia  a few days before we left, so I spent the weekend gimping around in a boot cast. Just so you know.. they aren’t really made for uneven, root ridden ground.

I’m tired and I’m rambling so it’s off to bed for me. Thanks so much for stopping by!