Holiday beading

I’d love to see what everyone is making!

I’ve got a few projects in the works. I did finish one of the earrings that I was working on. It’s very pretty (and easy to make when you use the right beads). I doubt that I’d wear it though so I’ve decided not to make the matched set.

I’m determined to make my vintage, beaded Santa ornament this year and I’ve gotten some earring requests. Unfortunately I’ve not done much beading in the last few weeks. I’ve been crazy busy working on something very dear to my heart.  I should be able to tell you all about it in just over a week. In the mean time, we are prepping for a (hopefully) large Christmas party. We’re going to  give a “white elephant” exchange a go. They’re supposed to be a lot of fun. I’d love some gift suggestions!

I’m also in the middle of a sock knitting class. So when I do have a few minutes I’ve been picking up some knitting needles. Working with four needles has been a bit challenging, but it’s been nice to give something new a go.

This weekend however, is all about garlands and Christmas cards.

What are you working on?